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Window Cleaner

Why You Should Choose Rockyview

Striving for Perfection

Our team at Rockyview Window Washing strives to perfect. That means ensuring full customer satisfaction meaning

we go the extra mile in terms of our work effort. Our combination of our hard-working team and our top-of-the-line equipment means that we will guarantee a perfect job. 

The Rockyview Guarantee means that we 100% guarantee no streaks or mineral marks or your money back!

We wash our windows with the newest and most advanced technology.

How does It work?

Calgary has some of the hardest water in Alberta, that being, if we use regular tap water to wash windows, it will

leave streaks and mineral marks. Rockyview filters that water through an advanced Reverse Osmosis and Deionization system that filters the water down to <0.001 PPM of dissolved solids all while gently scrubbing the window with 100% Carbon Fibre Bristles. In turn, this leaves the windows 100% spotless and streakless. 

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